Over 19 years of experience in design and construction for hermetic feedthroughs.

Established in 1999, PLUG IN is a reference in designing and manufacturing original hermetic feedthroughs. We can offer any type of standard flanges (ISO KF, K, F or CF and even special) having any type of connector sealed in using any sealing technology (epoxy resin, glass to metal or ceramic to metal). It is applicable to almost all types of electrical connections (connectors, wires, optic fibers, ...) for any type of application (vacuum, pressure, gases, liquids, ...).

Our business : the hermetic bulkhead crossing

Our core business remains the hermetic feedthroughs but, in order to better serve our customers, we can now offer some extra services such as :

  • design and manufacturing of chambers
  • supply of vacuum components ( flanges, gaskets, clamps, bellows, ...)
  • valves (ISO KF and bigger)
  • diffusion and cryogenic pumps
  • engineering of customs connectors
  • manufacturing of special harnesses i.e. for space simulators

PLUG IN is able to answer to any technical request from his customers, from earth to space users, from Scientific Labs to Space Companies with the support of a 2D / 3D CAD up- to- date system and a world wide network (India, Korea, Israel,.. ).
Our know how is protected by several patents.